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Re-elected Judges and Due Process

Posted by monroefreedman on Thursday, December, 30, 2010

Bob Vander Plaats, who heads the group Family Leader, led efforts that resulted in the removal of three Supreme Court justices in the November midterm election, for their role in a unanimous decision legalizing same-sex marriage He said that vote should send a message to the remaining four justices.

The state’s Supreme Court justices are appointed by the governor and serve eight-year terms. Voters have the option of retaining them when their terms expire. The November elections, when three justices were up for retention, marked the first time since the retention vote system was implemented in 1962 that voters didn’t retain a Supreme Court justice. Those justices will leave their posts at the end of December.

(From Law .com, by Michael J. Crumb)

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  1. judicialethicsforum said

    Here is the url to the full article, describing this judicial-independence-destroying movement:

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